Greetings from Indy:

I have not personally done all the leg work to this point but would say that Jason Jackson has been extremely valuable to us so far in the early stages of this project.  Jason is teaching full time for us now and has still been able to accomplish allot thus far.  Jason worked with KC during the time we were choosing our aircraft model.  Through them we found and have ordered plans from WWI Aeroplanes INC. (845)473-3679.  We received confirmation on Monday 02/26/07 that the plans were in the mail heading our direction.  We have identified two students (one days one nights) to be of primary involvement during the project.  Both are self motivated and true class leaders.  With that in mind we hope the project will help them developed their natural talents and draw less motivated students into the mix.  As instructor involvement goes, we will need the help of all to be successful and are confident all will support the team.  Jason has been in contact with the FAA and EAA in terms of aircraft certification so we do understand the need for a primary builder.  That being said, we still will have all members of team AMI taking part in the build. I very much appreciate the help of all the schools thus far.  All have been helpful and a sense of unity is growing.

Mark Holloway

Team Indy

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