At present we have 26 students and 5 faculty interested and are chomping at the bit to get started! We have selected an engine (Rotec R3600) and found a source for machine guns (Repligun). Wheels, propeller, fabric etc.  are in work. Any suggestions would be welcome in this regard. We are awaiting plans so we can finalize our materials list and submit a final budget and hopefully cut metal very soon. My shop instructors are working on facilities needed and jigging that will be required. We’re also exploring what tools/tooling may be needed to complete the project.

Hopefully we will be going to Fantasy of Flight this Friday. We’ll be taking pictures of the DVIII and Morane that are in Kermit Weeks museum. The DVIII is flyable but we’re not sure about the Morane.I’ve posted some pictures of DVIIIs that are built or under construction. One is being built in a one car garage! Challenging to say the least!


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