Guys, here is the email from Jim at Rotec offering us the discount.

Hi John. I’m Jim and I’m Paul’s Dad. Paul has filled me in on the substance of what has occurred with detail on all matters including the postings on the Aerodrome Forum. I generally look after the day to day stuff leaving Paul to concentrate on the production side of things. I also look after sales and marketing hence my contact with you. On looking at your web page I notice that there are a series of projects under way that cry out for our R2800. To that end we would be happy to structure a volume discount if you were to purchase in bulk. At 4 engines or more we’d be looking at 20% off retail on the engines and 10% off on all acc’s ordered. Larger volumes could attract even higher discounts but mainly on the accessories and not so much on the engines. In a bulk order there would also be substantial savings in freight to you of many hundreds of dollars per engine. In answer to your question on lead times and production: We are in constant production as in our business we only produce radial engines and associated parts. The process is continual 365 days in year but engines come off the production line in a batch process. On average there are 3 batches per annum. Total production for the year is a minimum of 50 engines and the maximum can get to 75 without increasing the number of shifts. The lead time depends on the the point at which the production cycle is at. One thing is certain, we never have the luxury of stock on the floor as the popularity of the engine is such that all engines are accounted for in forward orders well before the completion of any batch. Keeping that in mind the lead time can vary from 3 weeks to 3 months and the lead time can change very quickly. As you’ll see in the following text the best way to secure an engine is by placing a 10% deposit. Once received you get priority in the supply chain. At this point in the cycle the delay would be 3 to 4 weeks but as mentioned this can quickly blow out to months. One final comment before going to prices is that the R2800 is one of the most complete packages available – if you look at what comes standard you’ll see that most of the items would be quoted as extras with other engine suppliers. See The Following are Current Retail with No Volume Discount Applied: As you’ll see the R2800 is a complete package and the items that come standard are usually extras with other engine suppliers – this in effect makes the R2800 the best value for each dollar spent. The current price for the R2800 is $13750USD Ex Factory Payment of a 10% deposit ($1,375USD) secures an engine at a fixed and firm price with delivery to your timeline and schedule..

You’ll find all other details (what comes standard, how to order, delivery, payment, specs revisited, accessories …) on our website if you click on this URL:

Normally the engine is supplied Ex Works but there is a special on engine orders currently being taken. For a flat fee of $780USD for the freight the engine will be delivered to you for pick up cleared through customs at a Major city nearest to your location. Sea freight takes about 4 to 5 weeks.

Or if there is an urgency we can arrange to get quotes on your behalf to airfreight the engine to you.

As you browse the link note that we provide a comprehensive and helpful service which includes the ability to design and build a mounting frame for you or design one for you (at no cost to you) and you can build it yourself. I hope you’ll find answers you seek at this URL. Just as by way of a hint: as you jump around use the Back button to get back to the top of the menu structure. If you do order now we are offering a super special on two items: ****Dual Exhaust Collector Ring $1,250 each (save $550 on the listed retail price of $1,800)

****VDO gauges $1,200 for the set (save $550 on the listed retail price of $1,750) If you have any problems accessing the information or if you have any queries, or require any clarification on any issue, please do not hesitate in contacting me. Hope to hear from you soon and I hope we’ll be welcoming you and your aircraft to the ever-growing family of Rotec owners. Please do not hesitate in contacting me on any matter that you may wish to pursue or wish to have clarified. Looking forward to your reply.

Kindest Regards – Jim PS if you need to speak to me please email me you phone number, location and best time to call and I’ll call you.

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