It has taken some time but we are on our way with materials on site. First we had to disassemble a Cessna 337 to remove it from our work area. This consisted of many students helping remove the aft section and wings.


Second to overcome our learning curve we read a book “Construction of Tubular Steel Fuselage” ISBN 0-9774896-0-4. This book was very helpful and we all learned a lot from it! Third we finished building some jig tables and now are in the layout process for the fuselage, and blocking.  We have also cut metal for the fuselage and did an operational check on our TIG welding ability, which turned out great. Also we narrowed it down to two aces, Cristoffell Johannes “Bowtie” Venter or Charles Nungesser “Knight of Death”. We have records that both these aces at one time used a Nieuport 24 during their service.

Students have signed up and are working on transferring information from the prints to the jig and cutting metal for the fuselage.


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