Just a brief update as the Morane begins to grow its tail feathers, and legs.  The wood for the spars and wing ribs has been backordered for a couple of more weeks, so the students who have been getting ready to build wings have been helping with the tail feathers.

Our student/steelworker is busy laying out the landing gear and getting ready to begin fabrication on the weldments that allow the gear to have a little bit of shock absorbing action, through the use of bungee cord.

bending-tubing-for-the-tail-feathers.thumbnail fitting-tubing-for-the-tail-feathers.thumbnailmain-gear-layout.thumbnail




Just in case anybody was wondering, what looks like stringers on the fuselage in the background, are really just strips of masking tape to help us mark the locations of stringers.  When the marks are made, the tape comes off, the formers come off, and we can cut the notches for the stringers.   While the formers are off and being notched for the stringers we will probably prime the fuselage tubing.  With the heat and humidity already present this spring we are seeing every fingerprint on the steel turn to rust.  We will also varnish the formers before they go back on.  Does anybody know what color the primer used by the French during this era was?

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