Sopwith Strutter

Day shift student Bill Eyke Found our pilot for the Sopwith Strutter, It is American ace Fredrick Libby. Capt. Libby flew for the Royal Flying Corp from 1916 thru 1917 at which point he returned to the United States and transferred to the US Army […]

Fuselage table

Spent this work day building a jig table for the Sopwith Strutter. Quite a large table as the fuselage is 20 feet long with out the engine or rudder. Spent a bit of time trying to level the table, hangar floor not quite level.In the […]

Regroup in Dallas

Today was “moving day” here in Dallas. That was good news and bad news for the Pup project. Bad news is we didn’t directly work on the Pup much this week due to the move. Good news is, some of the rooms we vacated to move […]

Jasta 6 Moving On!

It’s Friday once again and time to bring everyone up to date on the goings on at Jasta 6. The week was very productive. All of our tooling has been set up and calibrated, more work than we anticipated, but a success! Our build tables […]