Most of the tooling we ordered has arrived and is currently being assembled and set up. The actual work area has been cleared and a large drafting table has been erected which we will use for drawings during the build process. Selection of our core students is being finalized and we’ve decided on a shirt that will be given to each student and instructor that is involved. The T-shirt will be black with a pocket on the front. The AIM logo will be on the pocket. On the back there will be the words “Project 2007 The Fokker DVIII” in red letters. In the middle of the back will be a picture of the DVIII. In addition we have purchased the materials and are begining to construct the tables to build the wing and fuselage on. We are also begining to scale out our drawings and other minor tasks to insure we do it right.

In addition to the above we just want to pass along a little summation of what we encountered during our visit to Sun N’ Fun.(Sorry we missed you John!) Mike Harris, Pete Ihrisky and myself attended and were somewhat surprised how large the homebuilt/LSA world has gotten. It’s definitely the wave of the future. We spoke with many people that had good tips and ideas. One thing we did encounter was a company based in New Smyrna Beach Fl. that is about to receive an STC to outfit C-172s and other small aircraft with diesel powerplants. We had to admit the engine was one of the coolest engines we had ever seen. The engine had dual FADEC and was turbo’ed to 70lbs boost constantly. By the end of the conversation thier representative said he would like to come to the school and be a guest instructor to explain diesel powerplants and said it may be possible to fly an airplane here that is equipped with one of thier engines. We’re waiting to hear from them. The name of the company is Epic Aviation. Anyway,we will be posting our blog every Friday to sum up the week unless of course we reach a milestone or just want to share something we encountered etc. If there’s any thing we can do let us know!

Have a Good Weekend— K.C. and Jasta 6

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