[note: There were images here but they have been lost to the internet]

In our first picture student Jessica Griffin is heating a square piece of 7/8 tubing that requires a bend. Also in this picture one student is holding a heat sensor to monitor the temperature of the tubing. The students have found out a temperature between 400-600 degrees works well for bending this size tubing. Jessica is also cutting some metal in the second picture. Instructor Joe Eggers is standing by Jessica as she cuts the pipe for the tail wheel.

Aleer Duot is using a bandsaw to carefully cut out a side former in our next frame. In picture four Aleer and Jordon Glines are showing some of the detail work that needs to be done on the formers. Please notice that two small notches out of six have been cut out and the delicate curves of this former.  Aleer has come from Sudan, Africa. He was part of the refuges called the “Lost Boys of Sudan” and now he is in our Aviation Maintenance Technician program and doing well. Speaking about why he volunteers for this WW1 project he says “I am getting a very good skill and I believe it is really going to help me.”

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