It’s Friday once again and time to bring everyone up to date on the goings on at Jasta 6. The week was very productive. All of our tooling has been set up and calibrated, more work than we anticipated, but a success! Our build tables have been constructed and leveled to our satisfaction. Mike Harris did a great job constructing them, kudos to Mike! Also, we have the final list of wood,tubing and misc. we need. The orders will go in Monday or Tuesday.

We had our final selection of the students that were wanting to particpate and we put the “Wing Crew” to work under the watchful eye of Mike Harris and Pete Ihrisky. We’re on our way!! The Wing Crew began scaling the drawings and cutting out templates for ribs, etc. (Uh Oh Drawing Class all over again!) To my delight the students didn’t want a break and kept right on truckin’! Below are the names of the students in the “Wing Crew”. The remaining students will be assigned as we ramp up over the next week or two.

“Wing Crew”

G. Gil

G. Garcia

C. LaForte

H. Donis

O. Eusebio

F. Mandujano

We’ll have some pictures to view early next week.. Everyone have a good weekend – Jasta 6 signing off…..K.C.

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