Day shift student Bill Eyke Found our pilot for the Sopwith Strutter, It is American ace Fredrick Libby. Capt. Libby flew for the Royal Flying Corp from 1916 thru 1917 at which point he returned to the United States and transferred to the US Army Air Corp. During his time with the RFC he flew as an Observer and had 10 confirmed kills. He earned his flying wings in 1917(10 hours flight time)Transferred to the 43rd squadron in France. Flew Sopwith Strutters and Airco D.H.4’s

Had 14 confirmed kills. Captain Libby was born in Colorado in 1892 and passed away in 1970 in California. He founded Western Air express, which was later sold to Western Airlines. He also wrote a great book about his experiences growing up and flying in the Great War, It’s called Horses Don’t Fly.

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