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The rib jig for the top wing of our Nieuport 24 was completed this week. Instructor Ric Ryburn showed the students how to lay out the jig incorporating the special characteristics of the Nieuport 24 wing construction. Because of the one-piece, routed cap-strips used in the rib construction, a standard fixed jig could not be used. The final jig design features fixed blocks for the lower cap-strips, pivoting top blocks which allows the rib web to be slipped into place and the top cap-strip secured into position. The top blocks were fabricated with bushing inserts for durability, ensuring consistent clamping pressures for the duration of the process. Students Russ Bleecker pictured in frame 3 and Rodger Munn in picture 4 were instrumental in the fabrication of this jig with assistance of Instructors Ric Ryburn and Alex Shuflat . (Alex not shown)

The volunteer hours are growing! We began tracking our student maintenance hours starting 4/25/7. Our students as of 5/24/7 have volunteered  a total of 347.30 hours for this project. When we add in todays time (5/25/7) we will be over 350 hours in one month. One student Kimberely Martin has a total of 33.0 hours.  Our students are dedicating many hours of their time for this project.

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