Spars shipping today!!!

Our spars are shipping today from BC. They will be a customs in Dallas Love Field Monday or Tuesday. Now we can proceed with the rib attaching. We may delay our project to do another wood project. we are thinking of making an arch here […]

Jasta 6

We have received our first shipment of metal and should receive the remainder this week.  Whether we receive the remainder or not we will start cutting metal this week! We also have leveled all of our work tables in preparation for the fuselage build. Our […]

Many different pieces in work.

The engine mounts are being fabricated for our Nieuport 24 airplane. We are also in the process of making our  seat  for our airplane. Three  students  are taking great care in knocking off some rough edges on some very important part for our fuselage. The pieces are small  and they attach […]

Guess my Pilot?

There have been no winners yet. After the first clue it narrowed it down to about every pilot in World War I. This week’s clue should narrow it down only a little. I do not want this to be to easy. This pilot raced cars […]

Metal and Wood jigs

In building our Niueport 24 (N24) we had to fabricate some jigs, from wood and metal.  These jigs play a vital role in the building of this aircraft. Take for instance the bottom longeron  side piece of the N24. This piece has a bend in it […]