We realized at the outset that we would have a few challenges with the wing on the DVIII (So did Anthony Fokker) and we ran into one. Some of the DVIII wing ribs have a negative camber and the drawings we possess do not give us much information in that regard (That particular portion of the drawings are 1/5 scale). After much head scratching and use of measuring devices we dropped back and punted to Paul Musso and his partner “Karl” who are building a DVIII and build wings for other individuals. Pete Ihrisky spent valuable time with them on the phone and they were more than willing to help. Pete also was concerned about some of the tubing dimensions on the drawings (they don’t make sense) and that was also discussed. It was finally decided by both parties that it would be best if we (AMO) documented our concerns via E-mail and provided Paul & Karl with digital photographs of the parts of the drawings that we are concerned with. That is in work and will be provided shortly.

Work this week has been slow due to the Memorial Day holiday and other factors, but we expect to spool up next week and press on.

As always, if we can do anything for anyone please let us know!

“Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season”…….. Jasta 6

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