[note: There were images here but they have been lost to the internet]

In picture 1 we have a group of students preparing the bottom part of the fuselage metal for welding. They are using Scotch-Brite to remove any light corrosion and oil that was used on the metal. Left to right is Josh Jenkins, Cedrick Calza, Kimberly Martin, Jessica Griffin and Dustin Heffner.

Our next picture shows Cedrick Calza getting his protective gear on to help weld some tubing. In frame 3 you can see some Tig welding in action. Cedrick is holding the tube for Al Edmonds who is our in house tool/shop attendant. Al went through a shipyard apprenticeship program to become a certified welder. After working for the shipyard he went to work at NADEP as an F-14 and A-6 aircraft welder. The tubing we are welding has a .032 wall thicknesses which require a skilled hand because it is easy to overheat the tubing and make a critical/costly mistake. With the training and experience Al has in this skill we are confident our welds will be good.  

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