Team Kansas City doesn’t have any photos to post today, but we did want to measure progress by hours invested in the project.  Based on average build times for homebuilt projects of similar size and construction, we figured that we would need about 2,500 hours for the Morane.  As of June 6, 2007 we have put in a total of 510 hours on the project.

While we have had about 15 students working on the project, the top four have logged significantly more hours than the others.  The top four students as of 6/6/07 are:

Candace Harned (139.25), Denise Crall (103.5), Chris Atlakson (72.25), Peter Mwangi (67.5)

We are proud of all of the students participating in this project, and we hope that others will get as fired up about it as the ones named above.  New team members are always welcome, and the nature of this project means that there are alway parts that can be assigned according to any skill level.  Even new students can find a way to participate and let their project responsibility grow with their knowledge.

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