In building our Niueport 24 (N24) we had to fabricate some jigs, from wood and metal.  These jigs play a vital role in the building of this aircraft. Take for instance the bottom longeron  side piece of the N24. This piece has a bend in it that required a very slow process of heating and bending to form the curvature needed. As mentioned before in a previous blog this process took an hour to accomplish. People have inquired about the jig we used to complete this task. The jig we used was manufactured in house and it took some trial and error to get the jig correct. After awhile we finally had the jig made that could be used in making the bend needed for the bottom longeron piece. The jig was held in place in a  vice  so we could heat and bend the longeron. Please see some  other  metal  jigs we made.

The elavator we are building is being held firmly in place to help facilitate the tack welding of the tubes. This is an example of one of our  wood  jigs.


[note: There were links in this post pointing to images that are now lost to the internet]

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