Here at Philadelphia we are finally cutting tubing. Our back ordered tubing finally showed up so we can get started. I expect to be flying our plane by the end of next week. (-; I should have some pictures soon.

Our research team Instructor Nick has spent many hours trying to find a Philadelphia connection to the Nieuport 17; that we are building. There were three pilots that died in WWI from Philadelphia but none of them flew the Nieuport. We were unable to find and exciting connection with Philadelphia. We have located our pilot.

Let’s play a little game of lets Guess My Pilot? First Clue: He was a fair student but excellent at sports. Boxing was his favorite sport. I will post a new clue every week till someone guesses My Pilot. You can e-mail your guess to Presently I do not have a prize for the winner but I will try to come up with something related to the plane.

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