I’m sorry to report that Mike Harris, our chief airplane builder and A&P extrodinare, is leaving us for a “Change in Latitude and a Change in Attitude”! Mike is our hanger deck lead and the person without whom the success of AMO would not have been insured. Mike does it all, from instructing in the classroom at a moments notice to building training aids from a picture or right off the top of his head…..he doesn’t need drawings or sketches, he just “Gets ‘er Done! (Mike was also the AIM coach for our PAMA team that did so well!) Mike’s off to Ana Maria Island for a life at the beach watching sunsets, boating and fishing. But Mike will leave insuring that the DVIII will be a success. He has collaberated and tied in with Pete Ihrisky who will assume Mikes’ duties.

We are still dealing with the negative camber issues on the wing and believe we have them solved. We also encountered an issue concerning the spar for the wing. The spar requires a single piece of wood approximately 30′ in length. Guess what?……no one sells wood that length! So back on the phone we went to Paul Musso and his friend Karl. They ran into the same issue and explained to us, in detail, the type of splices we are going to have to make using 20′ pieces of wood which are readily available.

Almost all of our tubing and metal have been ordered by Mike and Pete with the wood being the long pole so we will carry on with the fuselage. Next week we will assign a student to verify the research I have done, to date, and to expand on it. It is very interesting work if you’re into aviation history.

So we bid farewell to Mike Harris next week…..”SEA YA” off of Key Royale sandbar wetting a line, off Jewfish Key looking for sand dollars or maybe on Beer Can Island having a barbeque!!!!!!

K.C. and Jasta 6…..May the ebb tide always be with ya’ll!

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