First, we want to apologize to the WWI enthusiasts who hoped to get a look at the Morane while they were visiting the fly-in at Gardner, KS.  After not making our goal of having the airplane on display in Gardner, we didn’t think about making sure that someone would be available to open up the building for a sneak peek.

Well, the project isn’t really moving as much as everthing around it is.  The Kansas City School has started moving non-essential equipment and furniture to our new school building across town.  Amost every spare minute has been spent boxing, palletizing, and otherwise getting ready to move.  Classes will continue, but the rule is that if it is not being used in a class this module, it gets moved.  To that end we have already moved about 10 semi truck loads to the new location.  We received our occupancy permit for the new location today, so we can begin to place equipment and furniture.

Along the way the Morane is still moving forward, but not quite at the same pace as it had been.  The wooden formers and stringers have all been fitted, and the new “bird cage” assemblies removed for varnishing.  Nearly all of the wood has been varnished, and the fuselage steel is being primed.  We have a couple of pictures today of the bird cage work.

[missing images]

Team Kansas City has already decided that they will not trust this project the movers.  They have secured use of a trailer and, with the supervision of Team Leader Marvin Story,  will move the Morane themselves.

Some work on the landing gear has been moving quietly along.  Once the Morane lands at its new home, it should start sprouting legs very quickly.  We have had a problem with the vendor we expected to supply the wheels and may be back at square one for sourcing the spoked wheels and tires.  The engine and prop have been crated and should begin their journey toward Kansas City very soon.  Excitement about this project is still running high, and we expect mounting the gear and arrival of the engine will more than make up for any lost momentum that occurs during the move.

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