The top section of our fuselage for the Nieuport 24 which was on our jig table last week has been welded completely and moved to another table. The bottom section now has been placed on the jig table for final adjustments. After everything is checked for squareness and accuracy of all measurements we will start welding this section. The fuselage jig table is level and is made to compensate for the uneven floor. We have put special feet on the bottom of the table for correction action to keep our jig table always level. In the weeks to come you will see how valuable this table is when constructing/assembly of the whole fuselage. The bottom section of the fuselage that was the most time consuming to fabricate, because of the bending of the metal to get the curvature  needed is now on the fuselage jig table getting secured in place. After final checks welding on this section will begin.  Also this week we have completed a very important jig for making of the bottom wing ribs.  Now we have both wing rib jigs complied with and the process of building ribs will start soon.

[note: This post had links to images that are now lost to the internet]

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