Jasta 6 Cutting Metal and Jigs

This week we had the students cut wood for jigs on the fuselage build table. After completing that task we started cutting metal for the fuselage jigs!!!! We have also been in contact with our wood supplier and they are working on our order. All […]

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

Spent Friday cutting more tubing. With the side tubing laid out you can see how big this aircraft is going to be. Have two certified TIG welders on staff, so welding should begin by next work day. The wings are progressing, but still in the […]

Two Weeks!

I guess most of us recall the movie “The Money Pit”. Well, our wood delivery is coming from the same contractor that was rebuilding their house in the movie. Just kidding Mark! Latest promise is Monday/Tuesday. Mark just phoned me (SAT 1PM) from BC to tell […]

Fuselage,Oil and Rudder

The hangers that secured the top section of the  fuselage have been removed. Now you can clearly see the tubular fuselage.  Our oil tank is getting some attention by some of our students this week. The rudder for our Neiuport 24 is starting to take shape. [note: This post contained links to […]

Fuselage Taking Shape

The longerons, crossmembers and rudder post  (tail post) are all in place and now the fuselage of the Nieuport 24 aircraft is taking shape. In the construction of the fuselage the top and bottom were completed first, and then at this point we will arrange the vertical  members to […]