Last week the bottom fuselage section for our Nieuport 24 was placed on the jig table for final adjustments before welding. The  level would be laid across the longerons and if the bubble in the level was not centered we would insert shims between the low side of the longeron and the level until the bubble is centered. Since this section of fuselage is curved extra  blocking  and shims were also needed to achieve a good restraint after everything was leveled.  After checking and checking again the bottom section was welded. The jig table has some hangers installed and the purpose of these hangers  is to hold the top section of the fuselage in place. As you can see we have the bottom and top section of our fuselage in place on the jig table. Our next step will be to straighten and align the bottom and the top fuselage section. Back in week 6/15/7 you saw some small pieces that were being made for the fuselage. Now you can see them  secured  to the fuselage. Even though they are small they will play a vital part.

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