The longerons, crossmembers and rudder post  (tail post) are all in place and now the fuselage of the Nieuport 24 aircraft is taking shape. In the construction of the fuselage the top and bottom were completed first, and then at this point we will arrange the vertical  members to be inserted. With the design of our fuselage and the curve in the longerons we went with a top/bottom construction instead of a side’s first construction. In this way we feel our end result will be more accurate and little easier to build. The only draw back to this construction is building another jig to hold the top section in place firmly. Last week the bottom section was placed on the jig table and the hangers were being installed to hold the top section of the fuselage in place. This has been accomplished and now the crossmembers (vertical) are installed and tack welded. The main body of the  fuselage  will be welded completely this next week. The shop area has grown into a true  fabricating space to build our aircraft.

[note: This post contained links to images that have since been lost to the internet]

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