A variety of items were being worked this last week on our Nieuport 24 aircraft. Here are some of the items, a  seat  support, wood formers, metal  template, and some cross tubes. The original Nieuport 24 had a tail skid; we are installing a tail wheel. Since we are installing a tail wheel we are putting in a couple of cross  members for support in the aft  section of the fuselage. The hours our students have volunteered to work on this project is growing. It was about a month ago we posted the total number of hours the students worked, which was about 350 hours. This last month our students put in another 217 volunteered hours. The total we have now is 567 hours and  Rodger  Munn has the most time with a total  of 95 hours.

[note: There were links in this post to images that have since been lost to the internet]

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