Nieuport 24 Carb Linkage

     This week please notice the carburetor linkage. We have routed it into and past the firewall and made the connection to the crab. We have placed the fuel tank after we tacked welded it together in the proper position. The toe brake system […]

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

Work continues. The landing gear has given us fits, but it will soon be ready to tack onto the fuselage. Kyle Guidry a night student has been cutting and fitting the fuselage stringers. The completed stringers really give the fuselage the look of an aircraft. […]

Engine work.

Today student PM Jason Meadows was making an engine stand so we can turn the engine upright and put it on display. Bill was also working vigorously on the rib caps. The delivery of steel and wood is expected next week so we can continue […]