Lower spars

Friday (27FEB09) The Nieuport team welcomed two new people to the team. Becky Wilcoxon and Steve Barrick both put in 10 work hours and recieved there Nieuport 11 hat. Tobias was also there on friday to lend a hand as the Nieuport team put together […]

Indy Awards

On Thursday (26FEB09) we had our awards for the block that passed. This time we had a few VIP guests. The state chief finaical officer Tim Barry, Mr. Carlos the Wayne Township rep. to the mayor, and a few guest from Emery Riddle college. (I […]

Ignition Switch for the Rotec

     We had to remove the original ignition switch we installed for the Nieuport 24 electrical panel. The magnetos on this engine require 12 volts going to the coil. It is more like an automotive system then an aircraft system which is an independent system.  […]


We are making some big progress at Indy, we received our flight instruments yesterday and have Burke who graduated from Alanta's avionics course working hard to get them ready for install. This week we are trying to get our rib jig finished and the first […]

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

Friday was a make up day for the school so we didn’t get as much done as we would like. Many more small parts are being made, mostly for the pilot flight control pieces. We have started working on the tail trimming device. The Strutter […]

Fuel Work Nieuport 24

     In the top row of pictures the fuel tank is placed in the Nieuport 24. Here you can see approximate location of the fuel tank and some shots from different angels. Blake Barnett is in the process of looking at the next piece […]