We are making some big progress at Indy, we received our flight instruments yesterday and have Burke who graduated from Alanta's avionics course working hard to get them ready for install. This week we are trying to get our rib jig finished and the first set of ribs capped and glued. If it goes as I have planned out, we should see the left wing ribed and have its swept-back blocks installed. However, as my old First Sergeant use to say, "If anything ever goes as planned, something is wrong." Our team hats and shirts have arrived so that boosted moral a bit with the team.

We recieved our dead line. (chime in the tension music). September 25 their will be a Air show out at Dayton, OH and we have recieved a fax asking if our BEBE' N-11 will be ready by then. So to answer MR. Yagen, (and this is coming from the Student Project Manager Jason Meadows) Yes, she will be there ready to fly….

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