We are continuing to work the fuel tank this week. Some more welding has been done but now the fittings need to be researched and ordered. Marty Meggs has started on the process of making the oil tank. He has cut some metal and is checking the measurements. Pete Largarski and Anna Brown are also working on the ribs. Exciting events happen at our school and one of them this last weekend. We hosted the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Workshop and one of our students, Joseph “Blake” Barnet received a $500.00 scholarship from the EAA. All the aviation enthusiasts enjoyed the workshops. Classes on composites, electrical, sheetmetal and dope/fabric were held here. Everyone was happy for “Blake” to receive this award from the EAA because “Blake” has worked very hard on the Nieuport 24 aircraft we are building. Congratulations “Blake”!     Please click on all pictures to enlarge.




                            An exciting school for an exciting career

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