Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

We are almost finished with the machine work for this piece. We need to weld the case halves and install the bushings. This piece is part of the trim system for the Strutter. The strutter was one of the first aircraft to have an adjustable […]

New fuel hose.

    The process of learning is challenging and rewarding at the same time.  The excitement of understanding how something is made and fabricating it is part of what our aviation maintenance school is about. In the first four pictures one of our students, Anna […]

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

The Strutter was weighed today by the first term students of Mr. Madden. At this time the frame weighs 135 lbs. The strutter is out growing it’s build area, so this week we will be expanding the build area to give ourselves a bit more […]

Getting Ready for Weigh-In

Team Kansas City has moved the Morane’s wing into position (supported by some home-made scaffolding) to enable us to determine the final measurements we need for the struts.  There are still some unanswered engineering questions regarding the struts that we need to solve before the final […]

AIM Project in the News

    The AIM World War I aircraft construction project is proud to be featured in the Winter 2008 edition of Over The Front.  This quarterly journal is published by the League of World War One Aviation Historians.  This is a non-profit organization established exclusively […]

Indy trial and error

Here at Indy we only have students working on the project which ranges from working on the airplane and even writing these blogs. Which means we dont have anyone that builds airplane kits as a hobby helping us or odering any pre-fabricated frame parts or […]

Nieuport 24 Engine Cowling

Kevin Mulrine is standing next to the engine cowling he just put on. Kevin was a student at our campus awhile back but due to military obligations he withdrew. Along with finishing school now he also wants to see this aircraft finished so he can […]