We are still working with the fuel tank and as you can see we finally received some fittings we need for the tank. We have marked where they will be placed on the tank. So many parts need welding and in the next picture the welder is trying to reach a small piece that needs welding. The welder has to position himself sometimes in a uncomfortable stance to get the job done. In the last picture you get a good visual of what he is welding. This past weekend we hosted an EAA Workshop (see last blog) that was very informative for all of us since we are building this aircraft. One item we learned from the workshop is that the zinc chromate we used to stop the metal from corroding needs to come off completely or be encapsulated by a two-part epoxy coating because one-part primers will peel off after making contact with the Poly-Fiber products. All were impressed with our Nieuport 24 and we learned alot from all the aviation enthusiasts that attended. Please click on all pictures to enlarge.


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