Kevin Mulrine is standing next to the engine cowling he just put on. Kevin was a student at our campus awhile back but due to military obligations he withdrew. Along with finishing school now he also wants to see this aircraft finished so he can see it fly. After he completes his classes and takes his tests he is looking forward to a career working for the airlines or in the general aviation sector. Either way he said he is happy learning all the information he needs to succeed and he really likes the hands-on opportunities he gets in the classes and on the Nieuport 24 project.

We attached the cowling to help us fabricate the rest of the sheetmetal. In the next picture Kevin is drilling out some holes and Phillip Schroder is assisting. In the following pictures you can see how we formatted our lines for future cutting.

Also this last week the oil tank has been tacked welded and some fittings welded on to the bottom of the fuel tank. Please click on all pictures to enlarge.



Be part of something special, learn aviation.

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