Here at Indy we only have students working on the project which ranges from working on the airplane and even writing these blogs. Which means we dont have anyone that builds airplane kits as a hobby helping us or odering any pre-fabricated frame parts or other pre-fab stuff for the airplane so in the end this airplane will be built correctly after many trial and errors. Now I assure you all, that no part will be put on the plane unless it meets the requirments of the IA signing off on this and the FAA. This week was one of those trial and errors. We made our airframe from tail to fire wall free standing and when we came in this week Bill and Jason noticed the frame twisted on us. Now we can speculate on why but our best idea is that we didn't support the frame with a jig during the process and with the heat of the welding and some internal stress it finally twisted. When I say twist please don't take it out of porportion, its only about 1 1/2 twist. So this week went to studying the plans once again and writing down mesurments and we are now in the process of making a metal jig to support this frame.

Also, This week Jason Meadows stepped down as Project Manager and handed the reigns over to Bill McMahan. Jason has some up coming military dutys that will take him out of school for around 5 weeks. Bill will be a excellent PM, he has a history in fabrication combined with aircraft experience and has excellent attention to detail which makes him the better student for this job.

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