Sometimes an event can trigger something inside you and it changes your life at that very moment. This is what happened to Hunafa Armstrong who is pictured here. When he was eight years old and enjoying his birthday he had a chance to sit in the cockpit of an F-16 aircraft and at that moment he knew what his calling was, and that was aviation. He pursued his dream by being part of the ROTC during high school and eventually joining the Army. While living in Hilton Head, South Carolina he saw an ad in the paper for our school and since he was familiar with this area and enjoyed living here before he re-located to enroll in our aviation maintenance school. There are many parts of the school he finds interesting such as understanding how aircraft fly but also he said he likes the Nieuport 24 student project because it brings you back to the beginnings of airplanes. Hunafa plans are to take our Avionics classes we offer here also to gain further understanding of reaching his goal of becoming an Aviation Engineer. Hunafa is learning to use a jig saw to help with the cutting out of aircraft ribs and formers. Please click on all pictures to enlarge.

Enroll in our school to pursue your aviation dreams.

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