The leading edge of one of our wings has some plywood installed in our first picture. The next picture we added a bowl to help make needed spacing for the carburetor heat system. The fuel tank top has been welded in place in the third picture and we added some water to the oil tank and found some leaks that we need to fix. Both tanks will have a pressure check done before permanently installed in the Nieuport 24 aircraft. In the bottom row of pictures new oil lines have been made and installed. Please click on all pictures to enlarge. Thank you. 


If you saw us in the April issue of Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) magazine and this is your first time here, “Welcome!”

To see past blogs about our Nieuport 24 we are building go to Categories, right hand side of page and click on Team Chesapeake and you can review over 2 years of information about building this aircraft and about the students who have volunteered to help fabricate it. From making the tables in the beginning, to bending the metal, every step is documented in the blog.  If you have not seen the article about AIM’s Student Project in AMT please click the link below.                     


   A big “Thank You” goes out to AMT magazine from AIM in Chesapeake, Virginia.



                                            We build careers here.

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