Nieuport 24 wing and rib work.

       In the first picture left to right is Kenneth Hale, Clinton Clark, Chance Torain and David Gunn. These students just started in our school May 11thand are helping with the Nieuport 24 lower wing. It is not mandatory for students to help […]

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

[/caption We are putting together a run stand for the R3600. Students and staff would like to see and hear it run, and it isn’t good for the engine to sit for so long waiting for an airframe. New students are showing up for the […]

Backtracking to a Hanging in KC

Our last posting mentioned the engine being “temporarily mounted” for weight & balance checks, which was true. After looking at how far forward the first mount would have moved the engine, changed the aircraft appearance (longer nose) and the engines CG moment (possible nose heavy) a step back to […]