In the first picture we have some of the bolts we are going to use to secure the propeller to the Rotec 3600. The bolts that were suggested did not have enough threads so we had to tap more threads on these AN645H bolts. The 45H bolts have about 8 threads showing after the prop is on and we may look at the 44H bolts because they are slightly shorter. We would prefer to have only 3 or 4 threads showing after the torque is completed vs. 8. In the next picture the fuel tank is being pressure checked for leaks. When doing this check we used soapy water and applied low pressure (3psi) to the tank by the use of a regulator. If there is a leak you will see bubbles start to form. We had some leaks so more repair is needed on our tank. The last picture shows the set-up that will be part of the strap that goes over the fuel tank to help secure it in place this will be welded next week. Please click on all pictures to enlarge. Thank you.


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