The Nieuport 24 (N24) student project has had many students work on it that have graduated and now have successful careers. Pictured here is a new student Matthew Rethemeyer who wants a successful career also and feels that volunteering to help on the N24 will give him some unique experiences to take with him after he graduates. In the first two pictures Matthew is doing some sanding on the ribs which will eventually be part of the wing assembly. Matthew’s family has a history of working on aircraft. Presently his Dad owns and operates a business that does contract maintenance for some regional airlines in Richmond, Virginia. Matthew’s goal is to get his A&P and help open up another facility in Raleigh, North Carolina. Working on the N24 is “pretty cool” Matthew said because you get log books and all the hours you work on this project add up to benefits such as T-shirts, hats, and even free testing at the end of the program. In the next pictured Tien Le is cutting some metal pieces for the N24 aircraft and Joseph “Blake” Barnett is categorizing the pieces. 
Also in this blog we have posted pictures of our first attempt for the Vickers gun installation. This museum quality Vickers gun was made by Repligun. For more information about Repligun please see their web page.
Please click on all pictures to enlarge. Thank you.
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