In the first two pictures are four students taping up the side formers to the frame of the Nieuport 24 (N24) aircraft. From left/forward to right are Matthew Rethemeyer, Chance Torain, David Gun and Cameron Lowe. With the side formers temporally in place you can picture how the N24 gets its round fuselage vs. the earlier Nieuport aircraft such as the N17 which had more of a rectangle form to it.

Last week you met a new student, Matthew Rethmeyer working on the N24 for the experiences and he mentioned that you get awards after so many hours worked. Here we have Anna Brown and Joseph “Blake” Barnett receiving three laser grades testing coupons for all their volunteer hours. To earn these awards they had to spend 150 hours each working on the Nieuport 24. Congratulations to both and thank you.

The volunteer hours are adding up and so far this year we have about 200 student hours working the N24 which would give us a total of 1,578 student hours for this project.

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             Future aircraft mechanics start here!

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