Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

The run stand is on hold until the oil and fuel tank are welded, that will hopefuly be soon, only thing lacking is fuel and oil lines and then it will be ready to run. Work on the Sopwith is moving along. We are making […]

Another Road Trip for the Morane

While this post is a little late in appearing, progress on the Morane has continued.  On Father’s Day weekend, the Morane made its second appearance at the Gathering of Eagles, Great War Fly-in at Gardner, Kansas.  This is a long-standing gathering of World War I […]

Working the Nieuport 24 lower wing

                            Cameron Lowe in the blue shirt and David Gunn with the yellow shirt are busy fitting wing ribs. They are doing some final touches on them so they fit just right. As you can see by their expressions they did a great […]

Sopwith Strutter

Work continues on the Sopwith. The new students to our aircraft build are producing parts for the Sopwith and our Rotec run stand. The run stand is almost finished. This Friday we will be building the oil tank and running the lines for the fuel […]