Cameron Lowe in the blue shirt and David Gunn with the yellow shirt are busy fitting wing ribs. They are doing some final touches on them so they fit just right. As you can see by their expressions they did a great job. Part of building this Nieuport 24 (N24) aircraft is the taking on a task that you have never done before and with the guidance of an instructor they accomplish this task and gain a sense of pride of a job well done.

Working the small pieces for the wing is Vong Oulay who is pictured here using a scribe to get a small hole started to make it easier to put a nail in these pieces when installed to the wing. Mr. Joe Eggers sitting with the pencil in his hand is still figuring out a problem with the N24 while he and some students take a lunch break. Joe is one of our A&P instructors at our school.  The students are Cameron Lowe, left corner then Chris Roll standing up, David Gunn, Matt Rethmeyer and Vong Oulay enjoying some well deserved pizza for their efforts.




Future aircraft mechanics (A&P’s) begin their career at AIM

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