More electrical work was accomplished this last week connecting the instruments. Pressure checked the fuel tank one more time and found a small leak so we will have to do a little more repair to that. John Sanders Jr. is busy with some wood work also this week. Please click on all pictures to enlarge.   


This past week we had a guest come see our Nieuport 24 (N24) aircraft. Pictured standing next to the Rotec 3600 is Russ Turner. Russ has been following the student project on the blog and was visiting family in Newport News, VA (he resides in TX.) and called to ask if he could see the N24 live and for good reasons. Russ also is a proud owner of a Rotec 3600 engine and he was very interested in some of our work here at the school. His Rotec 3600 eventually will be placed on a full size Sopwith Camel that himself with Airodrome will be building. Looking at all the different models of airplanes from the WW1 era he decided on the Sopwith because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of them around he said. Russ served in the Air Force as a Flight Surgeon during the F4 days and still is an accomplished pilot on various platforms but he wants to get back to the basics. We wish him luck and thanks for stopping in.

Start school now to land that airline job latter.

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