Standing next to the Nieuport 24 (N24) is Wayne Hoover. Wayne has been a student here at our school since May 2009 and is volunteering to work on the N24 aircraft. Some of our students come with skills that they have acquired from previous employment and Wayne is one of them. When it comes to doing some wood working Wayne is very talented because he is experienced in cabinet making and trim work from working in the housing sector. When the local new housing market cooled off he walked into our school to learn about aviation because he wanted a new career that he could work with his hands. He has the aptitude to soak up all the knowledge and is sporting a 4.0 GPA. Taking advantage of the Aviation Maintenance Technician classes and the Avionics Program he will be in high demand when he finishes school. He said he is the next generation aircraft mechanic.

The Rotec manual calls for an 80 amp in-line fuse and we were having a hard time locating one until now. In one of the thumbnails please see the 80 amp, 50 amp and the in-line fuse holder. We ended up going to one of those car audio stores to find this much needed equipment. Also we have ordered the blended/half synthetic oil for our Rotec 3600 from an auto parts store. The tanks have had their vent and drain lines installed so we are getting very close to starting our Rotec 3600. Please click on the thumbnails to increase the viewing pleasure. Thank you.

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