Michael Roesen is diligently working on the side formers.  He has been a student since August, 2009. Preparing the formers requires plenty of work.  Each piece must be individually measured and cut. To ensure the formers fit properly, a rough cut is done then fitted on the fuselage. After a proper fit is achieved the formers are sanded and varnish.   Making the formers is tedious work but as you can see it builds a sense of pride.

Side Formers

Vong Oulay is also in the process of cutting side formers.  When asked, “what convinced you to pursue a career in aviation?” Vong responded, “I have been a student at AIM for five months and I do not regret my decisions. The instructors and advisors have been very helpful in ensuring that their students are living his or her dream in the aviation world. As a child I have always been very interested in airplanes and now I’m finally getting my dream started at AIM. My future plan is to work for a major company in the aviation world, however what’s most unbelievable is the fact that I will be getting paid well for doing something I love.”


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