Lance Cordell and Christopher Herring are new team members. They are in the process of filing and sanding the formers. This process requires sanding with coarse grit sand paper then moving to a finer grit and it continues until a smooth finish is achieved.

Arthur Mitchell just finished his assigned task that included drilling several side formers. He is logging his accomplishment, which is a requirement for all students upon completion of their tasks. Arthur is also one of our new Nieuport team members.  He started in November and is really excited about being a part of the Nieuport build team. Although he is retired military with aviation experience, he decided to continue his career by enrolling into our school after receiving a brochure in the mail.  The information in the brochure really peaked his interest so he called the school and asked for a tour. He met with an Admission Officer who told him about a list of items that were offered; job placement, perfect attendance award programs as well as the Nieuport project.  Attending school and having an opportunity to help build an aircraft is something that Arthur knew would broaden his aviation knowledge.


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