Work goes on!

Some nice progress on the lower right wing is being accomplished thanks to the hard work of Matt and Karl. The ribs leading edges have all been marked and cut to size, and the routed wood leading edge has been fit into place, looks very […]

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

Work continues on the strutter, as always a shortage of helping hands. We are building ribs for the stabilizer, only have to build 10 of them. We have been practicing making the leading edge, it is a bulb shape and is not available anywhere so […]

Some exciting progress!

Things are starting to pick up again on the Nieuport 11 project. Steve Barrick and Mark Overpeck have been making progress with the landing gear. The landing gear is assembled, and temporarily aligned, waiting on engine mount before we can make final attatchments. Accessories to […]