Things are starting to pick up again on the Nieuport 11 project. Steve Barrick and Mark Overpeck have been making progress with the landing gear. The landing gear is assembled, and temporarily aligned, waiting on engine mount before we can make final attatchments. Accessories to landing gear are being built, and will soon be installed. Brake assemblies are here, and will also be attatched very soon. Matt Sundstrom and Carl Hudson have been diligently working on the lower right wing, have dry-fit the ribs to the spar, and have been fabricating the false ribs as well. Monday they plan on fabricating the main wing ribs as well. All lower wing ribs are done, waiting on the false ribs to be finished as well. Steve Baucum has preassembled the engine to the frame to ensure all parts are accounted for, which they are. The engine has been preserved until assembly, and will be awaiting the arrival of the mount. So far, a productive past couple of weeks! One more thing, our January graduating class was very proud to show a static display of the Nieuport 11 during graduation, pics are on display! Congrats to all graduates!

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