Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

The stabilizer was completed this week and work continues on the rudder. The rudder and elevator control horns were tacked together and after welding they will be installed and welded into their final postions. The horizontal stabilizer is still a work in progress, we are […]


We here at Team Indy would like to give a heart felt thank you to Mr. Steve Baucum for all the time and hard work he has contributed to the Nieuport Project. We are pleased to mention that upon completion, Steve Baucum has been invited […]

Close but, no cigar

The indy team is still hard at work! So far, we have started the fabric covering on our elevator, stabilator and rudder. The firewall is mounted but, we still have some adjusting to complete for the engine mount attach points. As you see above, our […]