Airbrake rt. side completed
Airbrake panel under construction

Another productive week has gone by with many small parts under construction. We are fabricating the upper wing attach brackets, Charles Willis has laid them out and is trimming them to the dimensions called out in the plans. We have made the drag anti drag wires for the stabilizer, we are constructing them just as they did back in 1916. All the terminals are hand wrapped with wire, and then tensioned with a turn buckle. Another project is the tip bows for the stabilizer, they are made of streamlined tubing that is bent to the required shape, and welded to it’s attach fitting, they should be finished by the end of the week.

The Rotec was taken outside and run-up for the term two students today, as always the engine impressed eveyone with its quick start. The engine runs great and has a fantastic sound at power.

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