These are the latest images of the Strutter, they were taken May 12th. at AIM Atlanta’s open house. The Sopwith was a major attraction during the open house. The number one question was “will it really fly?” many pictures were taken of the project.

The project is progressing well. At the time we are building the ailerons. and adding some of the small items to the airframe. Received the flying wires for the stabilizers, they really look great installed. Awaiting the delivery of the wires for the landing gear.

The engine will be removed soon from the run stand and temporarily mounted on the airframe, the students can then start the process of installing fuel and oil lines and the minimal electrical system. The oil tank is ready for the final welding of the outlets, and fill port. Progress report soon on the continuing build of the Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter.

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