left aileron
Aileron ribs in assembly jig
cockpit plywood being formed

Busy week on the Sopwith.The ailerons have been the big project, they are progressing a bit slower that we wanted but they will be finished soon. Spent almost eight hours in making the jigs to do the routing on the four ailerons. Cutting the taper on each end of the ailerons was quite a challenge as they had to also be at a specific angle. Mr. Willis a night student did all the technical work on that project, they came out right to specs. Steamed the plywood for the pilots cockpit area and clamped it in place letting it dry so that it would keep the shape we wanted, now we just have to cut out the cockpit area for the pilot and attach it to the frame. The Sopwith is really looking like a world war 1 aircraft more and more everyday as we attach more parts to the airframe. We get a lot of compliments from the visitors to the school, They are amazed that it was built by students and just from plans.

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